Admission process
Summer 2021

Publication 8/02/2021

Updated: 06/17/2021

In this section you will find all the information related to the admission process for the 2021-2022 school year, downloadable files, study guides, frequently asked questions and access to the pre-registration system for the admission exam, which is located at endof the information presented here.


Step 1.- Registration for the entrance exam

From February 5 to May 14, 2021

The applicant must register between February 5 and May 14 of this year on the University website and attach the following documentation in digital format (PDF or JPG):

  1. Proof of deposit of the right to the admission exam for $ 620.00 (ARE: SIX HUNDRED TWENTY PESOS 00/100 MN), to the account No. 0108286833 of BBVA Bancomer, in the name of the Polytechnic University of Yucatán (verify that the size of the document is not exceed 1MB).

  2. Certificate of complete high school studies, or proof of high school studies with a photograph, signed and stamped, specifying the period being studied and the general average. In both cases, there must be a minimum GPA of seven (7.0) or seventy (70) according to the scale used by the institution (verify that the size of the document does not exceed 1MB).

  3. Photography. This must meet the following requirements:

  • Colored with a white background, matte finish;

  • Recent, face-to-face only (no selfies), bare head, clear forehead, hair up, no accessories (glasses, earrings, necklaces, piercings, caps, hats, etc.);

  • Shirt or blouse with sleeves;

  • Adequate lighting and sharpness that allows the face to be clearly identifiable;

  • JPEG format (jpg or jpeg extension);

  • 480 x 640 pixel dimensions;

  • Maximum size of 200 kb;


The aspiring person will be able to access their registration, as many times as required, to complete and / or check their status with their username and password generated at the beginning. The last day to upload and / or update your documents is May 14, 2021.

Note : The applicant  to complete step 1  of this process, you will receive in a maximum of 3 business days the validation of documents via email, likewise the process for the issuance of the official receipt will be personally agreed, which must be presented physically on the day of the presentation of the examination of entry.


In the event that any of the documents established in step 1 are missing, as of the closing date of the system (May 14, 2021), the registration will be canceled without the refund of the corresponding fee . Said registration will not be considered to continue with the process.

Step 2.- Register and fill out the socioeconomic questionnaire

May 17-21, 2021

The aspiring person, who has completed Step 1, must enter the registration system with their username and password in the period from May 17 to 21, to proceed to fill out the socioeconomic questionnaire. At the end of this step, the system will generate the following two documents:

  1. Registration Form

  2. Access pass to the admission exam


Both documents must be submitted in print and signed by the supporting person on the day of the admission exam.

Note : The applicant who requires support to fill out the socioeconomic questionnaire online, by appointment, may go to the UPY on May 13 or 14 of the current year.


Step 3.- Presentation of the entrance exam

Sunday, June 13, 2021 / 8:00 am

Modality: online from home

The sustaining person must comply with the following:

  1. Internet connection and PC or Laptop with Web Camera. In the event that the PC or laptop does not have a webcam, additionally, a mobile device (cell phone or Tablet) is required for the supporter to be monitored, receive instructions and have communication with the person responsible for the application.

  2. Registration form (generated by the system)

  3. Receipt of payment for the right to the admission exam (obtained at the end of step 1).

  4. Go to the entrance exam (generated by the system).

  5. Original of the official identification with photo: IFE / INE credential, National Military Service Card, Passport or credential of the school of origin with photograph.

  6. Number 2 or 2½ pencil, white eraser and pencil sharpener.

  7. Simple calculator (not programmable).



8:00 am  Roll call

8:30 am  General instructions 

9:00 am  Exam application 

1:30 pm  Deadline for the conclusion of the exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: If health conditions allow it, the application would be hosted by the UPY, at the same time and distributed as follows:

Friday June 11, 2021: Data Engineering

Saturday June 12, 2021: Embedded Computational Systems Engineering

Sunday June 13, 2021: Computational Robotics Engineering.


Step 4.- Publication of Results

June 17, 2021

The list of admitted applicants will be announced on June 17 of the current year, on the University website.

Note: The individual report of results will be delivered at the University to the sustaining person on the days scheduled for enrollment , whether or not they have been admitted and personally.




Step 5.- Registration

June 18, 21 and 22

Those admitted may register on June 18, 21 or 22 of the current year , they must send the email the following scanned documentation in PDF format. ​​​

  1. Proof of deposit of annual registration fee ($ 440.00) and first monthly payment ($ 440.00), for a total of $ 880.00 (THERE ARE EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY PESOS 00/100 MN) to the account No.0108286833 of BBVA Bancomer, in the name of the Polytechnic University of Yucatán. (download help sheet )

  2. Registration form ( generated by the system )

  3. Complete high school certificate with Pussycat general average of 7.0 and with signature legalization ( see information here ) . In the event that the certificate of high school studies is pending, the admitted person may send an updated certificate issued by the institution of origin in which it is established that they have accredited all their subjects, as well as the list of qualifications. Likewise, they will sign a letter of commitment in which they are obliged to deliver it within a period of no more than sixty calendar days. ( download commitment letter format )

  4. Birth certificate .

  5. CURP (download )

  6. Social Security Number Assignment Format (download )

  7. Optional insurance validity form (download )

  8. Copy of official identification (INE / IFE, Passport, Military Service Card).

  9. Signed code of ethics format(download )

  10. Authorization letter for use of personalimage (download )

Note : In the event that any document established in this subsection is missing, the person admitted will have a period of sixty calendar days to deliver them, otherwise  Registration will be canceled without refund of the fee  correspondent.




Step 6.-English language placement test

Saturday 3, 10 or 17 July 2021

All registered participantsmust compulsorily takethe exam location of the English language on the scheduled dates for the Coordination of Languages of the University.


Note: The registered people will receive confirmation by e-mail of the day that corresponds to present the exam according to their surnames and the Educational Program to which they registered.


Step 7.- Leveling course

Date: From August 9 to 27, 2021

Registered people who have obtained less than 1,000 points in Advanced Mathematics and / or Physics , must take the regularization course on the indicated dates, this course will have NO cost.


Note: Registered people will receive the corresponding information via e-mail.

Step 8.- Beginning of the school year

August 30 / 7:00 am


Doubts and comments

UPYtel: (999) 316 7153 ext. 107





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